Controversial taxidermy artist Polly Morgan in BBC documentary "What Do Artists Do All Day?

14-04-2014 Hits:31 News Roberto Millan

      Details of Polly Morgan's piece "Blue Fever" and a still from one of the episodes of BBC series "What Do Artists Do All Day?" featuring the artist. In a popular documentary series...

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Penguin Books' Feathers Ruffled by Artist's Parody of the British "Peter and Jane" Series

10-04-2014 Hits:58 News Roberto Millan

     Details from Miriam and Ezra Elia's satirical book "We Go to the Gallery".   Writers Ezra and Miriam Elia's satirical take on the classic 1960s "Peter and Jane" series by Penguin UK imprint,...

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Fragile Histories | Fugitive Lives: Examining crime and punishment in the Cape of Good Hope in the eighteenth century

08-04-2014 Hits:62 News Roberto Millan

     Details from "Fragile Histories" by Keith Dietrich   An exhibition by Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts Director, Keith Dietrich, in association with Lizamore & Associates art gallery in Johannesburg, "Fragile Histories"...

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Elementary Digital Photography

The aim of this course is to learn how to think inventively about your camera as a tool for illustration and have the technical skills to execute your ideas. Facilitator –...

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Etching workshop

The aim of the course is to provide a good knowledge of etching, while at the same time enabling each participant to leave feeling they have created an artwork of...

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The bookbinding course is targeted towards beginners and anyone who wishes to do traditional handbinding - no previous experience necessary.The participants will learn how to make a simple open spine book,...

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