Pen and Paper: Storyboarding with Alfred Hitchcock

20-01-2016 Hits:557 News Roberto Millan

      Cropped images from various storyboards for acclaimed film director Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963). One Perfect Shot recently published an article by editor-in-chief, Geoff Todd, exploring acclaimed film...

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Ricky & Doris: An Unconventional Friendship in New York City

15-01-2016 Hits:400 News Roberto Millan

      Cropped images from the AARP short documentary, Ricky & Doris. AARP released a terrific short film last year titled "Ricky & Doris" about two American folks living in New York. Doris,...

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Pinmaking in New York: The Inspiring Journey of Pin Drop NYC

12-01-2016 Hits:377 News Roberto Millan

      Cropped stills from Mashable's short film documentary, Side Hustle. Jose Vasquez is a talented pinmaker based in the Bronx, New York. Working a day-job in security, he eventually landed a position...

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Elementary Digital Photography

The aim of this course is to learn how to think inventively about your camera as a tool for illustration and have the technical skills to execute your ideas. Facilitator –...

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Etching workshop

The aim of the course is to provide a good knowledge of etching, while at the same time enabling each participant to leave feeling they have created an artwork of...

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The bookbinding course is targeted towards beginners and anyone who wishes to do traditional handbinding - no previous experience necessary.The participants will learn how to make a simple open spine book,...

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