CCIBA Symposium and Public Seminar

CCIBA Symposium and Public Seminar

“The Invisibles-Rediscovering SAs graphic novelists”

You are invited to attend our Afternoon Symposium and Evening Seminar in the Visual Arts department at Stellenbosch University Tuesday 25 May.



The programme will run as follows:


2pm: Afternoon Symposium, facilitated by Stella Viljoen

Topic: “Graph lit. in SA- so where to from here?”

* Short presentations by participating artists

* Discussion

* Wrap up and statement of findings.


5:30 pm: Cheese and wine


7:30 pm: Evening Seminar, facilitated by Andy Mason

Topic: “The Invisibles: Rediscovering South Africa’s Graphic Novelists”

Andy Mason: Brief overview of graphic literature in SA

Presentations by three South African comic artists:

Jesse Breytenbach (I Don’t Like Chocolate): Style and Storytelling

Mogorosi Motshumi (Hard Rock: One Cartoonist’s Journey): Art and Struggle

Pete Woodbridge (Supa Strikas): Comics in Action


Presentation by international guest artist:

JP Kalonji (365 Samurai): The Francophone experience


There is no charge for these events, and you may participate in either or both of them.

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