CCIBA Creative Workshop 2010 - Fostering New Skills

Article by Professor Keith Dietrich

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Between 6 and 10 September 28 members of the public attended six introductory workshops that formed part of the CCIBA’s Spring Creative Workshop Programme. In order to ensure high quality instruction, workshops were taught by experienced South African practitioners. The workshops offered this year included Botanical Illustration (taught by Vicki Thomas), Silver Jewellery Manufacture (taught by Verna Jooste), Children’s Book Illustration (taught Marjorie by van Heerden), Elementary Digital Photography (taught by Jacky Murray), Advanced Digital Photography (taught by Eric Palmer) and Figure Drawing (taught by Ferdinand Kidd).

The workshops were divided between technical demonstrations, practical work, and consultation with the instructors as well as group discussion sessions of completed work. The courses were augmented by presentations, visits to rare collections, professional studios and galleries. Each course spanned five days and included more than thirty hours of teaching and practical work, lectures and outings. Work that stood out this year and that exhibited advanced technical skills came from the Silver Jewellery Manufacture and Botanical Illustration workshops.

At the end of the week a cheese and wine function was held where participants exhibited their work in the Visual Arts Building, and where each received a Certificate of Participation, endorsed by the Department of Visual Arts of Stellenbosch University. A special word of thanks must be made to Esma Botha who handled the finances of the Workshop and especially to Marika Bell who successfully coordinated the whole Creative Workshop Programme. Thanks also to Ken Forrester for sponsoring the wine and Paarl Cold Print for donating paper.

Pictures of work to be posted soon.

Click on this link to view pictures from the Creative Workshop 2010.

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