CCIBA Proud to Announce Graflit 2014

graflit 2014 teaser

The Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts, ArtFarm and Jean de Wet in collaboration with Youngblood and Mamba Media are proud to announce the production of the new annual Graflit 2014 comic book anthology publication and exhibition. This year's publication and exhibition theme has officially been announced and is titled "Urban Interiors – Images and Metafictions from the City of Cape Town.

This year's publication launch and group exhibition will officially take place at the Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town, 4 –18 September 2014. Artists are set to include the likes of Anwar Davids, Atang Tshikare, Gerard Human, Jean de Wet, N.D. Mazin, Rayaan Cassiem, Roberto Millan and Su Opperman to name a few. The publication itself will consist of a three-man editorial team including Andy Mason, Su Opperman and Jean de Wet. When asked to describe the theme, the editorial team wrote:

As a city, Cape Town expresses itself in a variety of 'scapes': neighbourhoods and work environments, cultural and recreational spaces, political and personal encounters. It also occupies interior spaces in the minds and experiences of its inhabitants. In Cape Town’s World Design Capital year, Graflit 2014 focuses both on the city itself and on the idea of Cape Town in the artist’s mind. The project provides a space for juxtapositions, tensions and epiphanies engendered in the encounter between artist and city.

Grafilt 2014 promises to be a contemporary showcase of comics and street art in a strong and stylish gallery space.The publication itself will be printed in a limited edition of 100 copies, in black & white, and will comprise approximately 20 self-standing graphic narratives.

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