Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Hannah Ruth Wallis & Lwazi Kunene

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Cropped illustration by Lwazi Kunene.

Writer Hannah Ruth Wallis and illustrator Lwazi Kunene have joined forces this year to bring you an epic tale of two young women and their adventures through Muizenberg, in and around the cape peninsula. Both Lwazi and Hannah are currently working full-time in the South African corporate comics sector in an established studio based in Stellenbosch. Last year, Lwazi contributed a submission for the inaugural Graflit: Graveyard Literature in Black & White publication after collaborating with writer, Ryan Ross Jales. The comic proved to be one of the most popular of the publication with Lwazi's 2014 submission promising to be even more exciting.


Illustration by Lwazi Kunene, formulated by Hannah Ruth Wallis.

On describing their proposal, Hannah writes:

We examine the events of one night in the misguided youth of Jules, an introspective, distant girl who learns how to let go one night. This story spans the length of the cape peninsula. We delve into the underbelly of Cape Town... Jules and her intrepid friend Kimmy enter a world where the lines of reality become blurred and the scene for a magical adventure is set. This night becomes a rite of passage and voyage of discovery for a girl who never knew she was looking for an adventure.

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