Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Sergio Rinquist

sergio rinquist  graflit urban interiors cciba 2     graflit urban interiors

Cropped illustration by Sergio Rinquist.

Graflit: Urban Interiors participating artist Ser­gio Rin­quist grad­u­ated as a graphic designer from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2005, further advancing his interests in visual and graphic arts, illus­tra­tion, web design and graffiti art. Sergio was nom­i­nated to par­tic­i­pate in the 2006 Design Ind­aba as an emerg­ing cre­ative and founded The One Love Stu­dio in 2009, some of his creative endeavours including the Stoked Back­pack­ers mural 2012; a Wavescape art­board 2011–2012; Isiqalo’s Waves for Change designs 2011– 2012; an entry for Chimurenga mag­a­zine 2006–2007; a Shep­herds Court mural for the Children’s Rights Fes­ti­val in Laven­der Hill 2012 and Vir­gin Active’s Future Crew project 2013.

sergio rinquist  graflit urban interiors cciba 1

Illustration by Sergio Rinquist.

On describing his proposal Sergio wrote:

I went around to neighborhoods that I grew up in and also to the neighborhoods I currently live in and photographed the public spaces. These were mostly parks, beach's, open public space, all being common places where we the public are allocated a space in which we can unwind. The first thing that stood out was the systematic signage and fenced off areas that now occupy most of these public spaces. Something that stood out to me was the City of Cape Town signs, which indicate what is permitted in these area's.

I found it absurd that certain things are against the law in these public spaces. Some of these are, No Ball Games, No Skateboarding, No Bicycles, No Dogs, Park playgrounds only for under 14's, No Busking, No Music etc. These rules that the City of Cape Town now enforces in these public spaces are impractical rules that do not take the public into consideration. How can ball games be banned from parks? Skateboarding banned at a Surfing beach? Bicycles in and at certain public spaces?

This led me to create these 5 pieces...

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