Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Su Opperman

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Cropped illustration by Su Opperman.

Graflit: Urban Interiors participating artist Su Opperman completed her fine art degree at Port Elizabeth Technikon in the Eastern Cape where she created her first full-length comic book as part of her studies. She later obtained an MPhil in Visual Arts (Illustration) at Stellenbosch University where she quickly became involved with the CCIBA as an active member, participating as an artist in various projects. Su has exhibited paintings at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, the Absa L'Atelier and number of other exhibitions locally and abroad and is currently helping to coordinate the Graflit: Urban Interiors launch and exhibition.

su opperman graflit urban interiors cciba 2

Illustration by Su Opperman.

Su chatted with the CCIBA about her Graflit: Urban Interiors proposal saying:

I've always been fascinated by Napoleon, specifically his time in exile on St Helena from 1816. I've been to St Helena, its desolate and the thought of one of the most influential figures of history to be banished to such a wasteland, devoid of exerting influence, has always pickled my fancy... For a lot of South Africans the notion of exile is a reality... Half my family lives in Australia and suffer from a constant affliction of longing. To hint at these issues, my plot line will follow the gist of Napoleon coming to South Africa. An anachronism of an 18th century emperor placed within CT, with me as his guide. A dialogue will ensue and potentially an open ended conclusion will be reached.  

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