Graflit 2014: Urban Interiors - Theodore Key

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Cropped image of an illustration by Graflit: Urban Interiors particpating artist, Theodore Key.

The CCIBA recently corresponded with Graflit: Urban Interiors particpating artist, Theodore Key, on his proposal for this year's anthology. Key has been involved in the South African children's book illustration industry for more than a few years and recently joined forces with City Soirée, a new-concept arts organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, for a unique crowd-sourcing event that featured his work in a solo pop-up exhibition. 

snoutbeast 2low

Illustration by Theodore key.

Key explains his narrative concept for the Graflit: Urban Interiors publication:

The Story follows Graham (a man) and Warren (his massive pet walrus) as they arrive in Cape Town, having left Pretoria  in search of better things. Straight off the bat they find it total murder trying to secure a walrus friendly flat in the city bowl. They get turned away at all corners. Warren used to stay in the pool area back in Pretoria but houses and gardens in Cape Town are a lot smaller. They struggle to find any place because Warren needs an entire bathroom with sizable tub to himself as his quarters.  They spend the first few weeks sleeping in Grahams Toyota Carolla, searching for places and avoiding traffic wardens while they wait for their fortunes to improve.

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