6 Local Comics Talents to Present at Design Indaba's "Comic Channel SA "

cciba moray rhoda design indaba 1     cciba design indaba 2

Left: South African comic book artist and independent South African comics industry promoter, Moray Rhoda.


Six comics artists have been invited to give talks at this year's Design Indaba in a secondary space created by the event to provide some insight into the local comic book industry. Talks include those by Moray Rhoda, (write, illustrator and one of the co-publishers of the Velocity Anthology), Danelle Malan (artist and producer of the Cotton Star comic book series), Loyiso Mkize (artist and producer of the Kwezi comic book series), Kay Carmicheal (artist and producer of Sophie the Giant Slayer comic book series), Karl Mostert (corporate and educational comics artist), Roberto Millan (artist and producer of Squeers and the Lwazi series) with an introduction by Ray Whitcher (an illustrator and scholar of comics adaptation theory and coordinator). The talks will be open to the public and are set to take place in the Design Indaba events arena on the 1st of March.

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