Patreon, a New Approach to Funding Your Art

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A relatively new online crowdfunding initiative for artists and creators has fast been gaining momentum recently, particularly with self-publishing comic book artists. Patreon lets fans support their favourite creators by becoming patrons and unlike other online fundraising services such as Kickstarter, which raise funding for a single big event, Patreon has been tailored for creators who create a stream of smaller works on a regular basis. Fans pledge a certain amount of money (anything they choose) and the creator gets paid every time he/she releases a new piece of work such as an ongoing comic series or new song for an album. One can keep on releasing their work free of charge while giving fans the ability to financially support you. There are a number of artists claiming that it often works better to get smaller monthly amounts of funding every month as opposed to starving for six months and then getting the odd sum of cash and Patreon seems to play on this formula.

Patreon claims that Youtube publishers and artists on their website are currently making ten to one-hundred times their YouTube ad revenue from the platform with many of their creators already signed to the best Multi-channel Networks (better known as MSNs) and many who are not. The website also claims that a MCN contract does not prohibit artists from having a Patreon page, as they do not deal directly in ad revenue, which is good news for independent publishers. wrote that "Patreon allows superfans to support the artists they care about. It's an excellent example of Amanda Palmer's advocacy for giving fans the opportunity to pay you."  while mentioned "The idea is to provide a revenue stream for artists who aren't creating large, flashy projects for Kickstarter campaigns, but are slowly cranking out one video, song, or comic on a regular basis."

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