The Life and Career of Illustrator, Chris Riddell

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Left: Chris Riddell in his studio in Brighton. Photograph by Martin Godwin.

Right: Chris Riddell illustration from Neil Gaiman’s The Sleeper and the Spindle .


Established British political cartoonist, children's book illustrator and writer Chris Riddell has worked with big-gun authors such as Neil Gaiman among other celebrities like Russel Brand. The Guardian journalist Susanna Rustin takes a look back at Riddell's career and makes reference to his initial upbringing in South Africa:

Riddell was born in South Africa in 1962, the youngest of three. His father was an Anglican vicar involved in anti-apartheid politics, but in the aftermath of the Sharpeville massacre the family decided to leave. Riddell grew up in Brixton, south London, went to a local grammar school before it turned comprehensive, and then “ran off to art school”.

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