The Courage of Cartoonists by Peta Krost Maunder of The Media

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Left: Cropped illustration of The Media's recent cover with an illustration by Jeremy Nell.


Peta Krost Maunder recently wrote an article for The Media regarding what she calls the courage of cartoonists. Citing differences in editorial control of published columnists and other journalists in relation to political cartoonists, Maunder describes how cartoonists operate within a different space both figuratively and literally. Cartoonists usually work in isolation and away from the news team, which in turn allows for a greater degree of discrepancy in ideology when producing content for a publication that often leads to disagreement. However, Maunder agrees that watering down what would often be deemed controversial cartoons would technically relegate the cartoonist to the realm of illustration as opposed to cartooning. See what City Press editor Ferial Haffajee, Political cartoonist Zapiro and Africartoons editor and cartoonist, John Curtis, have to say in response.


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