Right to Know Red Flags Film and Publications Board’s Proposed Online Regulation Policy

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South African Civil rights group famous for lobbying against the proposed Secrecy Bill, Right2Know, recently released an official statement condemning the Film and Publications Board’s gazetted proposals that potentially seek to censor particular online content including any film, game, or publication published on social media, personal blogs and or websites. The document states:


Any person who intends to distribute any film, game, or certain publication in the Republic of South Africa shall first comply with section 18(1) of the [1996 Films and Publications] Act by applying, in the prescribed manner, for registration as film or game and publications distributor.

Right to Know included in their press statement a reference to the impracticality of the proposed bill:

According to the document, anyone wishing to publish or distribute content will have to first apply for a digital publisher’s online distribution agreement with the FPB, which will require a subscription fee. Once paid, the publisher would have to submit the content to the FPB for classification prior to publishing. This effectively is a specific form of pre-publication censorship, which is not acceptable.

Click here to view the article on the Right to Know website and to read the proposed bill.

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