Neil Gaiman on Where Good Ideas Come From

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In an excerpt from a Q&A with Neil Gaiman via the Wheeler Center in December 2011, famed graphic novel writer and novelist Neil Gaiman discusses where good ideas come from. The question has plagued artists and psychologists for ages and Maria Popova from opens up the dialogue once more in reference Gaiman's video interview here. Popova quotes Gaiman with regards to how good ideas often come when you're doing something else and seem to appear in confluence:

For me, inspiration comes from a bunch of places: desperation, deadlines… A lot of times ideas will turn up when you’re doing something else. And, most of all, ideas come from confluence — they come from two things flowing together. They come, essentially, from daydreaming. . . . And I suspect that’s something every human being does. Writers tend to train themselves to notice when they’ve had an idea — it’s not that they have any more ideas or get inspired more than anything else; we just notice when it happens a little bit more.


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