Zapiro & Mike Wills on a Democrazy Presentation for Students

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Cropped photograph of Zapiro and Mike Wills, the former South Africa's most famed cartoonist and the latter editor of his new cartoon anthology, Democrazy.


Democrazy, a politcal cartoon anthology by Zapiro and Mike Wills, represents a collaboration between the famous South African political cartoonist and radio personality/commentator that spans 20 years of South Africa's democracy, from 1994 to 2014. The two authors hosted a free presentation held in the beautiful Cape Town City Hall catering specifically for students with a number of older fans attending the proceedings as well. The presentation encompassed around 30 cartoons, ranging from the older classics to more modern incarnations such his notorious Rape of Justice cartoon. On being asked whether or not Zapiro feels guilty about portraying certain public figures the way he does, Mandy J Watson from quotes the famous cartoonist:


Wills asked Zapiro, specifically referencing the vegetable cartoon, whether Zapiro gets to a point at which he begins to feel guilty about portraying someone like that. Zapiro's swift "No!" drew large laughs from the audience, though he then went on to say that "sometimes you develop quite a thick skin and if someone is in the public space and people's lives are on the line... I'm prepared to be vicious".


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