Roye Okupe's Nigerian Superhero Graphic Novel Series, Exo.

cciba exo the legend of wale williams nigeria 1     cciba exo the legend of wale williams nigeria 2

Cropped images of Nigerian Roye Okupe's afrofuturistic graphic novel series, Exo: The Legend of Wale WIlliams.


Jennifer Sefa-Boakye recently conducted an interview with Roye Okupe, digital animator and YouNeek Studios founder, regarding his shiny, uniquely African graphic novel and animation series Exo: The Legend of Wale Williams. The story tells the tale of Wale Williams, a young Nigerian abroad returning home after his father's mysterious disappearance in a country now overcome with corruption, violent extremism and robotic exoskeleton drones called DREDS. The series is set in the Lagos-Island inspired futuristic city of Lagoon City and involves Wale's use of a nanosuit that give him superhero powers in order to defend the city against a radical extremist organisation called CREED. 


Click here to read the full interview on Okay Africa by Jennifer Sefa-Boakye.

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