Lorraine Loots and Her Miniature paintings are Back with "Potluck 100"

cciba lorraine loots taxi 1     cciba lorraine loots taxi 2

Illustrations by Lorraine Loots.


Cape Town based artist Lorraine Loots is trending again with her fresh-off-the-stove, beautiful miniature paintings series Potluck 100, after her successful inaugural miniature painting project 365 Paintings for Ants, which saw the artist produce one incredibly detailed, miniature painting every day for an entire year. Lorraine later placed each of the framed pieces on sale and created a series of prints and a beautiful coffee table book any appreciator of art or collector would kill to get their hands on. All of the Potluck 100 paintings, many of which have been scheduled to be completed this year, will be auctioned on her Instagram account with ten limited edition prints of each being produced for sale. Melissa Goh from Taxi writes:

Lorraine breakdowns her paintings into four different themes, naming them ‘Microcosm Monday’, ‘Tiny Tuesdays’ featuring vintage book covers, ‘Fursdays’ for her collection of animal paintings, and ‘Free Fridays’ for any images that doesn’t fall into any of these categories. 


Click here to view some of her new work and the full article on Taxi.

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