CCIBA, AMAK and Erdmann Contemporary Gallery to Host Fine Art Comics Exhibition in May

cciba speechless 1     cciba speechless 2

CCIBA, AMAK and Erdmann Contemporary Gallery are joining forces to present top South African comic book artists in a fine art gallery space. Speechless: South African Comic Artists on the State of the Nation signals a selection of local artists who bridge the gap between visual narrative, politics and fine art. The exhibition will take place at the Erdmann Contemporary Gallery, Kloof St, Cape Town from 26 May – 30 June 2015 and is being curated by CCIBA head of the Comic Art Unit, Andy Mason, and Graflit 2014 coeditor Su Opperman.


Troubled by the state of the nation and rendered speechless by the dismal vaudeville of the President’s 2015 State Of the Nation Address (SONA), South African comic artists present their own personal State Of the Nation Address Response (SONAR). Each artist will present a sequence of 1-4 works that expresses his or her own SONAR. The sequence won't necessarily be linear but will form a narrative construct. Unlike most comic art works, these works will contain no dialogue. They are, figuratively, ‘speechless,' symbolising the sense of speechlessness experienced by many South Africans confronted by the current political malaise, as well as the speechlessness of those who, despite 20 years of democracy, still remain voiceless. SPEECHLESS represents a voice articulated in no other language than the visual – paradoxically, the only language equally accessible to all 11 language groups.


SPEECHLESS is less a critical analysis than a synchronic portrait, more experiential than political, presenting a unique picture of the shared moment that is South Africa 2015 and collectively showcasing

a slice of comic art in SA today.


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