Russian Shops Ban Art Spiegelman's Prize-Winning Graphic Novel, Maus

cciba spiegelman maus banned in russia 2     cciba spiegelman maus banned in russia 1

Left: A cropped photograph of comic book artist and author Art Spiegelman by Bertrand Langlois/AFP.

Right: An image taken from Spiegelman's Pulitzer prize-winning comic book, Maus.


Many of Moscow's major bookstores have moved forward with the decision to stop selling Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer prize-winning graphic novel, Maus, in an attempt to comply with a new Russian law banning Nazi propaganda ahead of the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in the second world war. The book's cover contains a Swastika reference, which has proven controversial in light of the recent law.

Spiegelman responded publicly to the news via The Guardian stating:


It’s a real shame because this is a book about memory... We don’t want cultures to erase memory. 

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