South African "Kariba" Animation Teaser Sets New Standard

cciba kariba teaser 2     cciba kariba teaser 1

Left: Kariba animation logo.

Right: Kariba Concept art (cropped).


South African independent animation collective The Blue Forest Collective have created what can only be described as one of the most beautifully crafted pieces of 2D animation to have come out of the country in recent years. The team have previewed a teaser of a movie online, set in and around Lake Kariba, which they hope will justify potential funding opportunties and to get the ball rolling to produce a full-length feature film.

cciba kariba elephant 1

Concept art from Kariba.

cciba kariba giant fish

Concept art from Kariba.

The Blue Forest Collective is made up of an impressive team of stalwart animators and creatives including Daniel Snaddon and Jac Hamman but have a look for yourself and familiarise yourself with these names. You're likely going to be hearing a lot about them in upcoming months.


Story/Director: Daniel Clarke

Animation Director: Jac Hamman

Compositing/vfx: Charl Collocott

Animation: Daniel Snaddon

Backgrounds: Daniel Clarke

Effects animation: Mind's Eye Creative

Music : Pressure Cooker Studios

Sound: Matthew Gair

Final Mix: Simon Ratcliffe


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