Speechless: Comic Book Market and Colloquium Featuring Zapiro, Stacey Stent, Sean Christie and CCIBA's Andy Mason

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The month of May witnessed the successful opening of SPEECHLESS, South African Comic Artists on the State of the Nation, currently on show at Erdmann Contemporary at 84 Kloof Street in Cape Town.The Erdmann Contemporary gallery, the CCIBA and AMAK have gone one step further and will be hosting a comic book market and colloquium on Saturday 20 June where passers-by will have the opportunity to buy local South African comics and rare comic book publications from all over the world. 

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Speechless curator Andy Mason will be trading classic underground, alternative and old new wave comix to swop for good quality mainstream graphic novels/trade paperbacks. Comics and graphic novel authors include Love & Rockets/Hernandez Bros, Daniel Clowes, Eddie Campbell, Joe Sacco, Jim Woodring, Julie Doucet, Adrian Tominee, Gilbert Shelton/Freak Bros, Spain Rodriguez, Anarchy Comix, R. Crumb/Aline Kominsky/Dirty Laundry, Last Gasp, Psycho, Zero Zero and more.

cciba speechless colloquium comic market andy mason

Thomas Ott's Dead End, Vertigo's Fairest featuring the writing of Lauren Beukes, Charles Burns' Skin Deep, Classic Mad Magazine, Al Jaffee, Love and Rockets, R. Crumb's Head Comix, Thor, Tintin, Asterix, Alex, Phantom, Sin City, Hyena, Epic, Heavy Metal, Peter Kuper's Stripped, Claire Bretecher's What a Life, Joe Daly's Dungeon Quest, Archie Birch's The Number One Game, Kit Beukes' Wrath, Jungle Jim amd even El Dorado for the serious collector. 

The market begins at 2pm and the Colloquium, featuring Zapiro, Stacey Stent, Sean Christie and chaired by Andy Mason, kicks off at 4pm. Artists will be discussing issues arising out of the show, of which there are many. The Blah Blah Bar will be providing drinks (including a Speechless Cocktail), and Ferdinandos Pizza will be supplying special customised comic pizzas. What a treat!

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If you're not familiar with the Speechless exhibition, click here for more information surrounding the initiative and artist bios. 

To view the digital catalogue of the show, click on this link for a sneak-peak.

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