Puppetry and Animatronics: Building the Apatosaurus in Jurassic World

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 1     cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 2

Left: A cropped still of the animatronic Apatosaurus in Jurassic World.

Right: A cropped still from the scene depicting a dying Apatosaurus.

Remember the good old days when movie-makers and directors relied on puppetry and animatronics to make convincing science fiction movies? Practical effects, as they are otherwise known, were used heavily before the mid-nineties to bring an array of strange creatures - including dinosaurs - to life. Well, since the massive progression of CG and digital animation in the film industry, practical movie effects have seen somewhat of a dip since featuring heavily in successful movies such as Jurrasic Park and Blade Runner. In Jurassic World, however, one scene of a dying Apatosaurus has people talking after the film's director approved the use of an animatronic puppet to depict its liveliness, allowing the movie's lead actors to engage and interact with it.

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world social media

The scene from Jurassic World depicting the use of the Apatosaurus puppet.

If you're into that sort of thing, here's a fascinating look at what went into the making of this terrific puppet. It turns out that the art of puppetry and animatronics isn't dead just yet.

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