Ricky & Doris: An Unconventional Friendship in New York City

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Cropped images from the AARP short documentary, Ricky & Doris.

AARP released a terrific short film last year titled "Ricky & Doris" about two American folks living in New York. Doris, a retired columnist, and Ricky, a talented puppeteer, have a chance encounter when Doris stumbles upon a street performance by the artist. Doris' long-lived interest in puppets and marionettes; in combination with her admiration for Ricky's work; lead to her returning to view another show. It turns out, Ricky also took inspiration after meeting Doris, creating a puppet he crafted in her likeness. "Ricky & Doris" is testament to the power of art and friendship, the remarkable duo having been friends ever since.

Watch the beautiful short film in its entirety here.

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