Pen and Paper: Storyboarding with Alfred Hitchcock

cciba alfed hitchcock storyboards 1     cciba alfed hitchcock storyboards 2

Cropped images from various storyboards for acclaimed film director Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963).




One Perfect Shot recently published an article by editor-in-chief, Geoff Todd, exploring acclaimed film director Alfred Hitchcock's detailed use of storyboards before shooting his films. 


cciba alfed hitchcock storyboards 4

Storyboard for The Birds (1963).


Todd writes in reference to the surprisingly beautiful drawings by various illustrators:

Few directors were as reliant on the drawings, fewer were as brilliant at making those visions a reality.


cciba alfed hitchcock storyboards 3

Storyboard for Marnie (1964).


Click here to view the article and more of Hitchcock's stroyboards.

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