The Art of Ganzeer - Egypt as inspiration for Distopian future.


A page out of Ganzeer's debut graphic novel, The Solar Grid. 


Egyptian Artist, Ganzeer, is using comic art to capture his personal, political and historical experiences. He sees art as a means through which society can embolden and express itself to create change. Rooted in Egypt and inspired by his personal experience of the upheavals that occurred in Cairo in 2011, this graphic designer turned activist artist. His debut graphic novel, The solar Grid, tells the tale of a dystopian future, where the world is run by eternal light through a vast grid of solar panels that power the world's factories. Night has cease to exist and due to self-inflicted catastrophe, all earth's water has become poluted, with only the last clean supply controlled by the richest man on the planet. For Ganzeer, the narrative is about the dangers of industrialisation and controlling of central natural resources. This sci-fi tale set in Africa illustrates the adverse impact that humanity has had on the planet, as a person that's concerned about the environment, for Ganzeer, this remains a poignant point.



For a more in depth look at Ganzeer's art, here, is a great article written by David Batty.

To preview Ganzeer's work, follow this link here