Open Book Comics Fest 2016

Open Book Comics Fest 2016 Market place. 

This year's Open Book Comics Fest was a surrounding success, featuring a broad range of international comics and illustratorial artists, as well as phenomenal local talent. CCIBA is proud to again have had the opportunity to contribute to the sponsorship of Open Book Comics Fest, an event that forms part of the annual Open Book Literary Festival as hosted by the Booklounge and District 6 Museum. Comics Fest consists of workshops, talks and marketplace where artists can showcase and sell their various creative paraphenalia. The event is important in building a dialogue arround the illustratorial arts in South Africa, it's a means for artists to directly connect to the public and to collaborate and network within the artist's community itself. In placing Comics Fest within the Open Literary Festival, comics are consequently viewed as a literary artform within the South African context. Thereby providing legitimacy and seriousness to an artform that's generally viewed as a children's genre within South African imagination. This year, the Stellenbosch Honours Illustration students also had a chance to showcase what they're up to and the amazing talent that's coming out of the next generation of creatives does not disappoint!

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Stellenbosch Students presenting and selling their work at Open Book Comics Fest 2016.