Chinese Fringe Comics

Illustration by Chinese artist, Gan Mu                          Deep in the Woods, by Yucco Yu


South Africa is fertile ground for independant creatives making self-published comics due to the nature of our 

publishing industry. And like other countries are marked by rich, visual outpourings of creativity by those artists 

inhabiting the spaces between, documenting and creating at the various intersections of self, society and art. 

For a quick peak or a first exposure to Chinese fringe comic art, read this article by Orion Martin - 

Archiving the Fringe: Chinese Indie Comics Collective Special Comix. It's a broad and insightful overview of a 

collection of chinese artists that see independant comics creation as one aspect of their creative output. These

are the comics that do not fall into the mainstream category of manga styled stories about friendship, love, 

mecha and warlords. Compiled in the Comics Anthology of Special Comix and self-published, these works 

comprise the variety of visual attitudes as applied to comics production from mainland China. Special Comix 

is great place to start if you want to delve into the independant visual culture of all things China.