Grant Morrison and Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal #280 cover and Beachhead written by Grant Morrisonn and illustrated by Benjamin Marra.


Grant Morrison has taken on a new job, that of Editor-in-Chief of that hallowed and infamous comics institution, Heavy Metal. As an alternative comics magazine, Heavy Metal could capitalise on the connection with mainstream comics through Morrison. Morrison's aim with Heavy Metal is to showcase variety and a wider range of voices, especially new and upcoming artists with a potentially different take on the sci-fi, fantasy, horror genre. According to Morrison, every page should offer something different, a different style, a different story, a different headspace and Heavy Metal as a comics anthology has the potential to do just that. In the modern age, the notion of the short story, especially as applied to comics has a greater potentialfor relevance again - in that time is short and people's attention spans even shorter these days. Consequently,  the short storyoffers a form of neatly encapsulated entertainment - in its set characters, its working setup and a resolution, all in the space of 6 to 17 pages. Heavy Metal offers its own aesthetic, as an anthology it's aesthetic is defined according to company owned characters as in mainstream comics, it has its own distinct feel, one steered by the editorial vision of Grant Morrison. To hear what Grant Morrison has to say about his new job - have a look at these two links: Morrison on Heavy Metal and Morrison talks about running Heavy Metal.