Benjamin Marra's Underground aesthetic

Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T (One man War On Terror) by Benjamin Marra.


Benjamin Marra is known for his grunge, punk and above of underground comics stylistics. He has a passion for comics, asked if he'd like to do anything else otherwise artistically, he answered in one interview: "Not really, perhaps some big paintings" and that's about it. He's always drawn comics since a child and is still drawing comics as an adult. Predominantly self-taught, he brings his often off-kilter, sometimes offensive, but above all satirical vision to life through sequential art. For the most part, Benjamin Marra's stories are self-published and take the form of black & white comics printed mainly on low-grade paper to give it that underground zine feel. Consequently, he sells his comics for a relatively low price under his own imprint, labelled: Traditional Comics. He comfortably inhabits the alternative comics genre, and his style can only be described as raw, hard-hitting, quirky, gut-level aesthetic. As a American comics artist and illustrator, his stories for the most part around America, crime, drugs, football, race, religion and sex, the kind of stories that he likes to tell. When looking at his work, a realisation occurs that the author comes first and the reader second, and you either jump on board and enjoy the ride, or miss the boat and sit ashore. Here's a link to a Q&A between Benjamin Marra and Linework


Cave of the Tooth by Benjamin Marra

 Racer by Benjamin Marra 

Terror Assaulter by Benjamin Marra, published by Fantagraphics in 2015.