Salsa Invertebraxa

Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops, Centip & Queen Centipette

Concept Illustrator and artist, Mozchops has brought a phenomenal and beautiful world to life in his graphic novel, Salsa Invertebraxa. It's available in hardcover through Amazon and will also be serialised in six installments in Heavy Metal, specifically selected by Grant Morrison for its uniqueness. Set in the imaginary world of insects, Salsa Invertebraxa tells the tale of two friends that disturb the delicate balance of their world by harvesting the eggs of the so-called super predator insects. The novel is exquisitely rendered with a fine eye for realistic detail. Mozchops sparks the imagination with this highly original and visually innovative story. It can only be defined as an inspiration to the comic art world. With a certain degree of whimsy, veering from the fantastical to the dark, Mozchops transports the reader to a world highly alien, though known, and makes us wonder at the intimate existence of the minute. Exposing us to the possibility of the secret lives of insects. Taking him over 15 years to complete, Salsa Ivertebraxa consists of 200 delicately crafted digital paintings. 

 Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops - Ambush II

Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops - Ambush 

Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops - Flight