Vansa Best Practice Guide

Vansa Best practice Guide

Vansa best Practice Guide 2016. 


The VANSA Best Practice Guide for the Visual Arts in South Africa 2016 is an insightful read to all practicioners within the Visual Arts Sector. It provides guidelines and recommendations for establishing fair relationships and dealings between practitioners within the Arts sector. Since the Art world is small and precarious, the guide will be a handy tool to any practitioner within the arts industry, because it provides a framework from which situations that have result in power imbalances between parties can be either be negated or navigated. An ethical practice based on sound transactions between practitioners is a requirement if the visual arts sector is to grow in South Africa, and thereby provide a greater sustainability for all affiliates of the visual arts industry. Vansa's Code of Best Practice is not a how to guide, it's a reccomendation on how to maintain healthy relationships within an inter-relational industry. To download the pdf version, click here.