Johnny Ryan on Parody

Johnny Ryan, The Comics Book Holocaust, 2006 

Johnny Ryan is an alternative american comics creator. His in your face attitude when it comes to comics, will either make you love him or hate him. A notion that becomes highly apparant with The Comics Book Holocaust, published in 2006, it could be described as something out of the archives. However, when it comes to the nature of parody in comics, this book is a great example, in the sense that no cows are held sacred. Almost every comic strip, comic book series or graphic novel that a comics enthusiast is expected to be exposed to, is subsequently turned inside out with Ryan's acerbic wit and sarcastic humour. Which is great for the furthering the development of a comics dialogue, since all that is placed on a pedestal is relegated to the dirt in Ryan's world. For a great article on Ryan's use of parody in comics, follow this link for an in-depth interview between Noah Berlatsky and Johnny Ryan that featured in the Comics Journal #279. 

 Johnny Ryan, The Comics Book Holocaust