The Legend of Blue Mamba: Durban Launch

cover     artwork

Cover artwork and image from N.D. Mazin's The Legend of Blue Mamba.


The Legend of Blue Mamba cover artwork featuring The Mystic Duiker.

You are cordially invited to the Durban launch of N.D. Mazin's - CCIBA Head of the Comic Art Unit Andy Mason - The Legend of Blue Mamba, a hilarious SA surf comic on Friday 6 December at the KZNSA Arts Cafe. The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of comix, posters and The Legend of Blue Mamba merchandise. From the Bluff to J-Bay, from Muizenberg to Verlorenvlei, Blue Mamba the tragic mystical revolutionary surf guru is on a mission to get his face back from Toxacorp, who ripped it off to promote their toxic products. “I flippin' love Blue Mamba… It's absolutely bloody fantastic and marvellous and I just love the darkness and weirdness of it all." says Barry Varkel. The show includes original comix, The Legend of Blue Mamba books, posters, T-shirts and artwork on sale. The guest speaker is publishing legend Andy Davis, now also publisher of Zigzag surf mag and recent Durban local, with live music by Chappy and the Chunemungers of Umtwaz fireside fingerpluckin' fame. The launch will include special limited edition "Stuck in the 60s" T-shirts on sale. The restaurant will be open with a standing cash bar so come and hang out and make an evening of it from 6pm until late.

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hey bro

Protagonist Blue Mamba taking a snooze after a good surf.

j-bay legend

Inspired by the legendary Bruce (The Truce) Goldie, the guruman of J-Bay, Blue Mamba shrugs off his rep. as a surf Nazi and metamorphoses into a sensitive mystic. Om sweet Om!


It was during a frenzy of painterly self-doubt while preparing for the Muizenberg exhibition that the legendary Guruman of Jeffrey's Bay stumbled into Mason's studio, just in time to calm his shattered nerves and soothe his tortured soul while preparing artworks for the exhibition. Bruce is one of several real-life characters who appear in Mason's new anthology of Blue Mamba comic strips. Here he poses with the book and his natty little pooch Scooter.

bruce 2

An excerpt taken out of The Legend of Blue Mamba with Bruce dispensing mystical wisdom to Blue Mamba in a panel from a strip that originally appeared in African Soul Surfer magazine in 1995. 

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Jane, the Fox and Me

jane the fox and me 1     jane the fox and me 2

Images from Jane, the Fox and Me, written by Fanny Britt and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault.

Written by Fanny Britt and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, Jane, the Fox and Me is a graphic novel about a young girl named Hélène who is bullied by her classmates, eventually finding refuge in Charlotte Brönte’s famous novel Jane Eyre. Hélène, disillusioned and depressed and her world illustrated in black-and-white, quickly springs to life in full colour whenever she escapes with Brönte. Maria Popova writes:

When Hélène reluctantly goes on a class trip, she finds herself humiliated in front of everyone. As she resigns herself to the outcasts’ tent, her fictional friend no longer provides sufficient consolation and assurance that she’s worthy of friendship. Just then, a small red fox appears before the tent — a tender creature whose gaze gives Hélène a momentary glimpse of that soul-to-soul connection she so desires. But it only lasts a moment — one of the mean girls scares the fox away, claiming it is rabid and leaving Hélène to believe that there must be something diseased and defective about anyone who seeks to connect with her.


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Designer Creates a Portfolio version of her Passport and ‘Loses’ it at Agencies

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Like many designers, Miruna Macri was on the look out for a job at an agency. Macri came up with a smart yet simple solution that would ultimately set her apart from competitors in the job market and profile her as a designer online. Macri faked her own passport, using it as a vehicle to showcase her design portfolio, 'losing' it at various agencies throughout New York.

The designer’s “passport” is actually her portfolio. The description showcases her resume, and samples of her work can be found as “visas” on various pages.

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treknet series     treknet

TREKNET, a popular South African comic strip, recently saw the launch of it's own television series on the Afrikaans DSTV television channel Kyknet. The comic strip has entertained thousands of daily readers across South Africa and abroad for the past nine years and represents the potential of the form in it's ability to translate into other media, particularly television, and in many regards a form of reassurance for cartoonists looking to enter the comic strip and cartooning industry. Africartoons, Africa's largest online repository of published political cartoons and comic strip art, wrote an article regarding the launch of the series :

A fresh and comical drama set in the world of a small fishing community has recently been produced for KykNET by Penguin Films. The comedy is based on the popular comic strip ‘Treknet’, and will be broadcast under the same name from 7th October 2013, every Monday night at 20:00. Penguin Films has had great success with comic strip sitcoms in the past (Madam & Eve) and hopes that the characters will once again become even more popular with viewers when they are seen alive and kicking on television.

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To Live Long, Write for Children: RIP Charlotte Zolotow, 98

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Illustrations by Maurice Sendak from Charlotte Zolotow's Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present (1962)

Honoring what she calls one of the biggest hearts and most brilliant minds in children's literature, Maria Popova pays tribute to stalwart children's book writer Charlotte Zolotow, who recently passed away on Tuesday this week. Zolotow authored and edited over seventy books and remains best-known for Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present (published in 1962), illustrated by the reputable Maurice Sendak.

"It seems that writing for children holds an especial promise of longevity, with many authors and illustrators outliving the average life expectancy of their homeland by years, often decades — Maurice Sendak lived to be 84, E. B. White 86, Ruth Krauss 92, Alice Provensen reportedly continues to draw well into her nineties, and Eric Carle just released his latest book at 84. There must be something uniquely soul-nourishing about the warmth and kindness that writing for children both requires and stimulates."

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