Approaching publishing from a different angle

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Nobrow (TM)  is an independant publishing company based in London that's fast gaining a reputation in the European comics publishing scene. Set up in the winter of 2008, Nobrow provides an independent publishing platform for illustration and the graphic arts that showcases some of the best talent, whether fresh out of college or from the ranks of well seasoned veterans.

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15th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival is calling on SA comic artists to enter Digital Cartoon Competition!


A Time of the Writer event and public seminar



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An interview with Andy Mason. What's So Funny? and the state of South African cartooning


Head of the Comic Art Unit at the CCIBA Andy Mason was interviewed last month on the online news source Mahala. Mason discusses being the subject of caricature in Bitterkomix 15, some of his favourite South African cartoonists, as well as his new book, What's so Funny? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning. Mason emphasises the importance of a local vernacular in South African comics and touches on the state of the South African comics publishing industry.

The Visual Journals of Heleen Schröder

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The core of Heleen Schröder's artistic practice is in the intimate sphere of the sketchbook and journal. Her books are a repository for thought, observation, research and experimentation and a space of absolute freedom. For Heleen, the translating, editing, and interpreting of this private proliferation of imagery for public display has in the past taken the form of printmaking (screenprinting, etching, and lithography), as well as ink washes, watercolours and acrylics on paper. Her visual journals reveal an appreciation for hand-made books and display a sensitive process of observation from everyday-life.

To view Heleen's visual journals click on this link.

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