Fan Con: Cape Town Comic Con

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FCBD Cape Town - better known as Free Comic Book Day - paves the way for FanCon, Cape Town's very own Comic Con, in collaboration with Reader's Den.

Having organised the annual FCBD event in Cape Town for the last 14 years, Readers Den comics shop in Claremont has decided to formalise the event in a new fixed venue over an entire weekend. The explosive growth and popularity of the event over the last 5 years has previously resulted in problems with crowding, vendor and exhibitor space, as well as various logistical issues associated with the event being held at its current venue in Stadium on Main. In a statement released over Facebook, Reader's Den has decided to rebrand the event as FanCon: Cape Town Comic Con and to host it at the Lookout at the V & A Waterfront as a result.

The inaugural FanCon will take place at The Lookout, situated at the V & A Waterfront on Saturday, 7 May, 2016 and Sunday, 8 May, 2016. The event will be a two-day ticketed event with a siginifcantly larger, air-conditioned, glass-faced marquee, with an outdoor deck area overlooking all the iconic Cape Town landmarks, ample facilities and parking, plus the added benefit of being located at the Granger Bay Waterfront area.

Reader's Den has said that to bridge the transition between FCBD and FanCon relatively smoothly, the first FanCon event will be held on the traditional FCBD date (7 & 8 May 2016) and as a result there will be no FCBD store event in 2016. FanCon has been scheduled for 2016 with the intention to reschedule the exact dates from 2017 or 2018, with FCBD reverting to an in-store event on its usual date of the 1st Saturday in May.

FanCon aims to bring all comics and pop culture fans, as well as anyone with a passing interest in all things geeky, an event that fully expands and builds upon the FCBD event : more space for exhibitors, vendors, artists, cosplayers and attendees; space for larger retailers, distributors and businesses; no restrictions on products and merchandise being sold ( other than it being pop culture related ); as well as space for food & drinks vendors. A full programme for guests,comic artists, writers, professionals, cosplayers and performancers will be available soon with the intention to have at least 1 or 2 international guests depending on sponsorship, availability and other logistical considerations.

The FanCon website has been launched and will be updated with all relevant information over the coming months. For all enquiries, including sponsorship, artist and vendor/exhibitor info, media, or general enquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website

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Only a few days left to book for the CCIBA Spring Creative Workshop Programme

cciba image painting cciba spring creative workshop w

Painting by painting workshop facilitator Gina Heyer.

The CCIBA 2015 Creative Workshop Programme will once again be taking place at the Visual Arts Department at Stellenbosch University from Monday 7 to Friday 11 September 2015 next week during the university recess. There are only a few days left to book your spot and witness some of the country's most experienced art instructors at one of Africa's top universities. 

Courses offered:
Children’s Book Illustration 
Silver Jewellery Design and Manufacture 
Elementary Digital Photography 
Botanical Illustration 
Book Restoration for Beginners

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your spot.

For more information on workshops offered click here.

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UCT Graduate School of Business: Business for Art Bursary Deadline

cciba uct graduate school of business sholarship     cciba uct graduate school of business sholarship 2


UCT Graduate School of Business is providing one South African artist the opportunity to study the much-need business acumen required to become a financially successful, practicing artist. The course, which will take place Monday evenings over a period of 13 weeks, is worth R7500 and will be hosted by Elaine Rumboll – entrepreneur, former performance artist, internationally published award-winning poet, blues singer and academic. 


Topics covered include how to negotiate when pitching artworks, how to manage finances, how to market your work, and how to understand required administrative processes like budgeting, cash flow and tax. The deadline is today, Thursday 30th of July so get your applications in before the close of business!


cciba design indaba uct business school 1


Click here to find out more about the Business Acumen for Artists programme.

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A Look at the Remarkable Illustrated World of Drawn to Death

cciba drawn to death 1     cciba drawn to death 2

Cropped stills from the video game Drawn to Death courtesy of

Drawn to Death is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer game in production for the PS4 by famed God of War creator, David Jaffe, which recently had some heads turning at a number of big gaming conventions in the USA. The first-person-shooter videogame is unique in the sense that it simulates a sketchbook format, animating illustrations and typography as you explore the mind of a young boy currently going through a number of personal and family issues, his notebook being a productive way in which to express himself. The artwork is quite remarkable with personal notes being strewn across the walls and passing through the sky along with written, narrative vignettes. 

cciba drawn to death social facebook

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

cciba drawn to death social general

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

cciba drawn to death social twitter

A photograph of the video game Drawn to Death being payed courtesy of

Click here to read the full article on Kotaku.

Click here to wath in-game footage of Drawn Together on Youtube via IGN.

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Puppetry and Animatronics: Building the Apatosaurus in Jurassic World

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 1     cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world 2

Left: A cropped still of the animatronic Apatosaurus in Jurassic World.

Right: A cropped still from the scene depicting a dying Apatosaurus.

Remember the good old days when movie-makers and directors relied on puppetry and animatronics to make convincing science fiction movies? Practical effects, as they are otherwise known, were used heavily before the mid-nineties to bring an array of strange creatures - including dinosaurs - to life. Well, since the massive progression of CG and digital animation in the film industry, practical movie effects have seen somewhat of a dip since featuring heavily in successful movies such as Jurrasic Park and Blade Runner. In Jurassic World, however, one scene of a dying Apatosaurus has people talking after the film's director approved the use of an animatronic puppet to depict its liveliness, allowing the movie's lead actors to engage and interact with it.

cciba building the apatosaurus jurassic world social media

The scene from Jurassic World depicting the use of the Apatosaurus puppet.

If you're into that sort of thing, here's a fascinating look at what went into the making of this terrific puppet. It turns out that the art of puppetry and animatronics isn't dead just yet.

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