Illustrator Kirsten Sims Interviewed in Canvas Initiative by Grolsch

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Cropped illustrations from illustrator Kirsten Sims' zine, Split Second Stories.


Canvas, a new online arts and culture promotion and branding vehicle by Grolsch to celebrate "the best and most interesting culture from around the world" recently interviewed local Cape Town illustrator, Kirsten Sims, in their Lines Are Drawn series. Kirsten discusses her visual narrative zine, Split Second Stories, a charming black and white booklet with charcoal-illustrated vignettes of which a few include dogs leaning out of windows and bears playing in the snow. Fin Murphy writes:


Whether it's faces blanked out, bodies contorted or a change in perspective, the ambiguous stories benefit from an equally irregular medium.


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Student Animator Gwenn Germain Creates Impressive Miyazaki Fan Tribute

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Animation student Gwenn Germain recently released a short film titled Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux (Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies), an impressive Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki-inspired tribute about a boy who lives in a village on top of a giant tree. The boy falls off the tree into a forest where he is rescued by two strangers who assist him in getting back to his village. The short film essentially functions as a movie trailer without an actual movie but the trailer is of such a high quality that it's hard not to want to go see the movie regardless of whether or not it exists. Beckett Mufson from The Creator's Project writes:


Germain has a mind for the fantastical creatures and settings you'd traditionally see in one of Miyazaki's stories, from a massive city inside a geodesic dome, to airborne manta rays and lively mushroom sprites. Beyond the Studio Ghibli founder, Germainn also cites Blade Runner, Aliens, TRON designer Syd Mead, and comic illustrator Mœbius as important influences on the short.  


Click here to view the animation and full article by Beckett Mufson from The Creator's Project.

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Destino: A Spectacular Collaboration Between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney

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Cropped stills from the Destino animation poster and movie respectively.


In 1945 Disney studio artist John Hench storyboarded one of the most extraordinary collaborations in Disney animation history. Well, one could argue that it's one of the most extraordinary collaborations in animation history overall but we'll let you decide for yourselves. 1945 signalled a great many things including the end of the second world war, as well as Disney animation's debut into fine art animation with surrealist  artist, Salvador Dali. Walt Disney himself worked directly with Dalli and John Hench to produce a storyboard and seventeen seconds of animation over a period of eight months, after which the studio started experiencing its financial crisis and was forced to cease working on it. Walt Disney's nephew, Roy E. Disney, accidentally stumbled upon the storyboards while working on Fantasia in 2000, eventually resurrecting the dormant gem with the help of 25 animators, journals of Dalí’s wife Gala Dalí and guidance from John Hench himself. SuperRadNow writes:


Destino is a tragic love story about Chronos, the personification of time, who falls in love with a mortal woman as the two float across the surrealist landscapes of Dalí’s paintings. The poetic, wordless animation features a score by Mexican composer Armando Dominguez performed by Dora Luz.  As fascinating as the film itself is the juxtaposition of the two creative geniuses behind it is just as incredble, each bringing his own life-lens to the project — Dalí described the film as “a magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time” and Disney called it “a simple story about a young girl in search of true love.”  However you see it, Destino is undeniably beautiful, and an amazing work of art.


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Lorraine Loots and Her Miniature paintings are Back with "Potluck 100"

cciba lorraine loots taxi 1     cciba lorraine loots taxi 2

Illustrations by Lorraine Loots.


Cape Town based artist Lorraine Loots is trending again with her fresh-off-the-stove, beautiful miniature paintings series Potluck 100, after her successful inaugural miniature painting project 365 Paintings for Ants, which saw the artist produce one incredibly detailed, miniature painting every day for an entire year. Lorraine later placed each of the framed pieces on sale and created a series of prints and a beautiful coffee table book any appreciator of art or collector would kill to get their hands on. All of the Potluck 100 paintings, many of which have been scheduled to be completed this year, will be auctioned on her Instagram account with ten limited edition prints of each being produced for sale. Melissa Goh from Taxi writes:

Lorraine breakdowns her paintings into four different themes, naming them ‘Microcosm Monday’, ‘Tiny Tuesdays’ featuring vintage book covers, ‘Fursdays’ for her collection of animal paintings, and ‘Free Fridays’ for any images that doesn’t fall into any of these categories. 


Click here to view some of her new work and the full article on Taxi.

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Another Smashing SA Comics Roundup by Mandy J Watson on

cciba brainwavez sa comics news roundup 1st april 1     cciba brainwavez sa comics news roundup 1st april 2

Left: Cropped watercolour illustration by Ben Winfield.

Right: Cropped digital illustration by Nicolas Rix.


We're a little late with this one but's resident comic book journalist, Mandy J Watson, has published another smashing SA Comics Roundup. The roundup has become increasingly regular and has provided some insight into the on-goings of South African comic book artists, illustrators and visual storytellers. The article includes embedded Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pics directly from the social media profiles of the artists themselves (technology and tech-journalism is wonderful thing) and gives readers the opportunity to like and follow their favourite artists online. Mandy J Watson writes:


This roundup of recent work by South African comics creators and cartoonists features work-in-progress teasers of upcoming projects, some biting political commentary, and more doodles, superheroes, and speculative-fiction experiments.


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