Introduction to Bookbinding

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This bookbinding course caters for beginners who wish to do traditional hand binding and learn how to bind a book with very little basic equipment.Participants will be taught to make a proper hardcover book that will last for years to come. In order to achieve this, participants will be shown how materials such as paper, fabric and leather need to be selected and utilised during the binding process.

They will also be introduced to several alternative binding styles, such as Japanese Stab stitch,
Long stitch, Open-spine binding, Coptic binding and Accordion fold which they can choose from and make under the guidance of the facilitator.

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envelope book

japanese stab stitch

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING needle (size 20 is ideal) embroidery thread (any colour) NT cutter

clutch pencil
note book (optional)
A2 'cutting mat' (optional)
Bone Folder (optional)
10 x A2 sheets (will be available for purchase at the course)
2 sheets A2 coloured paper (for end papers) (available at art suppliers such as Deckled Edge) 1 m ribbon (15 mm wide) any colour
30 cm ribbon (+/- 5 mm wide) any colour
Any colour fabric(s) (thin non-stretchy cotton or linen) +/- 60 x 60 cm
The rest will be supplied by the facilitator.

for robbie concertina book


Heléne van Aswegen is an in-house book art professional at the Visual Arts Department.
She teaches bookbinding and book design for under- and post- graduates and is in charge of the bookbinding and digital archival printing studio.

She also collaborated with other professional artists to help them realise book based art projects. Artists that she collaborated with include Keith Dietrich, Kathryn Smith, William Kentridge,
Terry Kurgan and Jürgen Partenheimer.

She obtained her Mphill in Illustration from Stellenbosch University after completing her BA in Visual Arts at the same institution. During her masters she learned her trade under the guidance of the late master bookbinder Arthur Wadman.

open spine book

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