Introduction to Gemmology

5-day Short Course (9-13 September)

This course is the ultimate experience for discovering the breathtaking world of gemstones and jewellery and includes:

an introduction to the fascinating world of gems and minerals for anyone including aspiring gemmologists, jewellery designers and sales personnel in the jewellery trade;

the development of knowledge and confidence to buy, sell and appraise gemstone jewellery;

interactive, illustrated lectures and the practical identification of gemstones.

The Gemmology laboratory is fully equipped to host a maximum of 12 people. It is the only laboratory in South Africa that is equipped for teaching a course similar to the Fellowship of The Gemmological Association Diploma (FGA), Great Britain. This entry level course includes material taken directly from the Advanced Course in Gemmology offered to Jewellery Design Students at the University of Stellenbosch.


Course outline:

The nature of gemstones (organic and inorganic) mineral/crystal/gemstone

Introduction to crystallography

World gemstone localities (Sri Lanka/Madagascar/Thailand etc.)

Southern African gemstone localities (Namibia/South Africa/Zimbabwe)

Demonstration of gemstones (Jade/ turquoise/Garnet/Tourmaline/Ruby)

Physical and optical properties of gemstones (durability and beauty)

Artificial enhancement of gemstones and simulants

The synthesis and simulation of gemstones

Demonstration of synthetic gemstones (spinel/turquoise/opal etc.)

Basic instruments that are used in the gemstone identification

Demonstration of instruments that are used in gemstone identification

Practical gemstone identification

By the end of the course participants should have an increased appreciation for the diversity, beauty and uniqueness of South Africa’s and the earth’s mineral wealth.

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