Silver Jewellery Design and Manufacture


Jewellery by workshop facilitator Safia Salaam.

This one week intensive jewellery course explores simple to complex jewellery manufacturing techniques & principles with a view to creating items of jewellery. Through exercises and projects, students are taught sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, bending, sanding, polishing and stone setting. After the introduction to working with metal and the use of some of the tools and techniques, students are encouraged to bring their own designs or illustrations of jewellery pieces they would like to make. They will be assisted with the design translation & manufacturing these pieces. In order to create, we need to understand the materials that we are using. This course is designed to develop students’ understanding of the potential that metal (silver, brass and copper) displays through techniques such as forging, piercing, etching & soldering. Each day will begin with a 45minute lesson which will be focused around techniques &/ or materials in order to keep the course as a fundamental foundational journey of discovery.

kelly harvey 2015 brass and silver necklace and bangle

Jewellery by Kelly Harvey under workshop facilitator Safia Salaam.

stephanie ferrigno 2015. sterling silver and citrine dandelion ring

Jewellery by Stephanie Ferrigno under workshop facilitator Safia Salaam.

Day one: Forging, bending, shaping (including the use of pliers, hammers and doming blocks)

Day two: Soldering (the fundamentals to successful soldering)

Day three: Setting (the basic techniques of bezel and claws)

Day four: Finishes (the tools and techniques to achieve various finishes)

Day five: The design book (your future inspiration)

Students will have class for five full days from 9am to 4pm. All notes are included in the fees. Access to the library will be arranged but no books may be borrowed. The fee includes the use of the School’s facilities and tools, but not consumable materials. Consumable materials are available from the studio.

Please see the attached list of available items.

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Workshop attendees' jewellery from this workshop:

cciba jewellery workshop 1

cciba jewellery workshop 2

cciba jewellery workshop 3

cciba jewellery workshop 5

cciba jewellery workshop 6

cciba jewellery workshop 7

cciba jewellery workshop 8

cciba jewellery workshop 9 

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