market upturn detail 2009

Market Upturn (detail) (2009), Screen print, etching and chin-colle

no sanctuary detail 2009

No Sanctuary (detail) 2009, Screen print, etching and chin-colle

The aim of the course is to provide a good knowledge of etching, while at the same time enabling each participant to leave feeling they have created an artwork of value to themselves.  The participants and their style of working will also, naturally, dictate how many individual etchings they create.

This course will focus on the copper etching techniques of hard-ground and aquatint and participants will be taught all the steps involved in preparing, etching and printing with copper plates.  This will include the preliminary preparation of the plates, the various methods of producing marks and textures on copper plates, the possibilities of image manipulation through etching, inking and printing techniques.

Participants should preferably arrive with source material of, or related to, the images that they would like to pursue in this course.  They are thus advised to gather images, textures and other source material related to their topic of choice, which will then serve as starting point for the designs of their final artworks.  Apart from group discussion sessions, Vulindlela will consult with participants individually, developing their ideas and addressing problems.


etching 2014

Student work under the tutorship of Vulindlela Nyoni.


Vulindlela Nyoni was born in Chilimanzi, Zimbabwe in 1976 and attained a Bachelor of Arts in the Fine Arts from the then University of Natal in 1998 and a Masters in fine Arts from the now University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2006. His Masters thesis was entitled “Representations of ‘other’ in selected South African artworks: Re-membering the black male body”.

Nyoni is a Lecturer at the Department of Visual Art at the University of Stellenbosch after lecturing at UKZN since 2001. His move to Stellenbosch was prompted by his need to pursue good quality teaching and to challenge himself with new research opportunities. Apart from being a practicing artist, Nyoni also lectures in Printmaking and Drawing. His main interests lie in the politics of representation and self-representation as exploration of personal narrative through print media. He has shown widely on a national level and continues to expand his international profile. He continues to make his own work at any opportunity he has.



  • Some of the materials needed for the etching course, such as the copper plates, can be bought during the course. The materials below can be bought from most good art stores such as Deckle Edge.
  • 2 x A5 or A6 copper plates per person (these can be bought from the etching studio)
  • etching needle - one per person
  • Fabriano  paper – a minimum of two sheets per person (one sheet will give 4 – 8 prints,     depending on the size of your copper plate.
  • pencil, B or 2B
  • cartridge paper – 3-4 A2 sheets per person
  • an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing
  • an assortment of paint brushes for painting bitumen onto copper plates

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