Darkroom Photography




Darkroom Photography


This course in darkroom photography is aimed at introducing participants to some of the intriguing processes involved in the making of analogue photographs. Participants will be taught how to construct a pinhole camera from scratch and/or how to adapt an existing object into a pinhole camera, how to expose black and white photographic paper using the handmade cameras and how to process their negatives and develop positive photographs in a traditional darkroom. They will also learn two ways of producing photographs without the use of a camera as well as some alternative ways of toning their final works using organic materials. Throughout the duration of the course participants will learn the foundational aspects of photography and should have a thorough understanding of the workings of a darkroom by the end of the week. No previous experience is required for this course.




What you need to bring


1 pack of 8x10 inch, 25 sheets Ilford Multigrade RC De Luxe Pearl or Glossy Photographic Paper (this can be sourced from ORMS Bellville/Cape Town. It helps to phone ahead of time to make sure they have stock.)

1 sheet of A2 black foam board (PNA)

1 roll of black duct tape

1 roll of black insulation tape

1 roll of masking tape

NT Cutter


60cm metal ruler

wood glue

Aprox. 20x20cm piece of Heavy Duty Tinfoil

1 sharp needle


1- 3 old metal tins ( the kind used for coffee, sweets, baking powder, biscuits etc.), preferably with a metal lid. Any size up to 30x30 cm for example.

1 can of Matt Black Spray paint.


For more information or to get a registration form contact Marika Bell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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