Jeremy Nell

Jeremy Nell

Jeremy Nell, the enfant terrible of South African cartooning, rose to prominence as a political cartoonist with his appointment in 2008 as daily editorial cartoonist on The Times, where his cartoon appears on the front page, under the nom de plume jErM. He also produces the daily newspaper cartoon strip The Biggish Five, which appears in The Times and a number of other papers.

Born in 1979, Nell worked in the corporate world before breaking away in 2005 to venture into cartooning. He began his career as a blogger and web cartoonist, with the ‘underground’ strip Urban Trash, first published on his website in 2005 before achieving syndication in a number of South African papers, including The Times. The strip has now been discontinued in favour of The Biggish Five. Nell’s story is a case study of how it is possible for a young cartoonist to garner a readership online and then take it into the far more difficult world of print, and should be noted by all aspirant cartoonists.

According to Jeremy, “the internet and social media is what launched my career, and as such, is the strongest part of my focus.”

Jeremy Nell is a member of CCIBA’s Founding Group.

You can see some of his work here

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